What’s in a Pet Food Pack: What to Buy or Avoid

A healthy dog on a basket of fruits

Pets cannot fully express whether they like the food you give them or not. This makes it difficult to assure that they're enjoying their meal times. As much as possible, you want the best brand that can get them the right nutrients and keep them healthy and away from frequent visits to the vet. Simply because it says on the label that it's good doesn't mean it's adequate. You might even be putting your pet’s life in danger.

Getting the right pet food in CA can be a chore with all the options available. It's important to get a brand that's safe, nutritious, and something your pets would love.

High in Protein

Most pets, whether it's a dog or a cat, are naturally meat eaters. While providing them with a portion of meat every day can be costly, their growth and development will suffer if you don't give them a proper meat source. This is because protein is necessary for building their body and strengthening their immune system. Make sure the brand you buy is high in protein to ensure their nutrition. A quick look at the ingredients can give you an idea what the brand offers. If meats like chicken, lamb, or beef are on top of the list, then you got the right one.

Beware of Dangerous Ingredients

What may seem like a harmless-looking packaging design may be the cause of health problems. Specific types of preservatives may not be as dangerous to humans, but they can be extremely lethal to animals. If you find the ingredient Ethoxyquin (a dog food additive) in the package, it is best to avoid that brand. Ingesting this type of ingredient may cause your pet to become aggressive and have mood swings and allergies.

Pets live a shorter time than we do. You wouldn't want it cut even shorter by buying the wrong kind of pet food.