What You Need to Know About Diamond Damage, Repair, and Re-cutting

DiamondsDiamonds are a women’s best friend and science teaches us that they're the world’s hardest substances. They look lovely and dazzling whether they are set in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

There are specialist jewelers who handle diamonds and diamond jewelry. When a stone owned by a customer or jeweler is damaged, AAA Jewelers noted that it should only undergo the services of an expert who specializes in jewelry repair in Utah. Re-cutting and repairing of diamonds is not carried out often, but diamonds (no matter how good they are) can get damaged when a jewelry is being made or when they are originally cut.

Damaged While Cutting

The common diamond injuries are the chipping of the girdle or edge of the diamond, when the stone is being cut. Although diamonds are hard, they are not extremely tough. If a file is misused on a diamond, a thin layer can be chipped off. A skilled diamond cutter can repair the damaged diamond and remake it to ideal proportions. The alternative is for the diamond cutter to use their discretion to repair the injury and ensure that the repaired diamond is in good saleable condition.

Damaged While Setting

Diamonds can also get damaged when the jewelry setter is careless. Diamonds can get injured when they are rubbed against each other. These precious stones are called angry stones, as they can injure each other. This is why loose stones should be kept away from each other. You can repair and re-polish them, but the weight of the stone can be reduced.

Diamonds can get injured due to excessive heating, like fire exposure. When a diamond gets heated to a high temperature, it can react with oxygen and form blemishes. Re-cutting of diamonds is also an option when the existing cut is old or when lumpiness exists. Old-fashioned diamonds have shapes that are not considered fashionable, so they are re-cut to the required modern shape.

Some of the repaired diamonds will look good and also not incur any further damage. This totally depends on the competency of the diamond cutter.