Three Considerations Before Planning that Wedding

Picture of man putting engagement silver ring on woman handWhen you start planning your wedding, you have all these ideas in your head about how the day will go. All your thoughts may not come to pass, however. It's important to decide on the details before you even pop the question so that your road to marriage will be clear and not confusing. 

Let these choices guide you on your journey to the married life:

Moissanite vs. Diamond 

Planning a wedding is not cheap. You can cut back on the flower arrangements and invite only your closest friends, but it will still rack up a huge price tag. This shouldn't discourage you from having a great wedding, however. What you can do instead is to cut back on costs as early as when you're proposing. Ever wondered why so many people discuss diamond vs. moissanite stones? It's because moissanite offers a great budget-friendly alternative to diamond, and it looks just as beautiful. 

Private vs. Public Proposal 

There is no right answer. It's all about preferences. Again, if you're trying to save for the big wedding, it will be more practical to have an intimate evening with your significant other. If you invite her friends or family to a small gathering where you will pop the question, you will have to make a bigger arrangement and, well, they might expect the proposal to be more extravagant

Traditional vs. Non-traditional Wedding 

Many choose to go the non-traditional route these days, taking the ceremony instead to the beach or a beautiful garden. If you are a fan of wedding churches, however, you need to make reservations early on. They might not be able to accommodate a wedding on such short notice, especially if you're planning it in popular wedding months. You might want to compare the costs of a church wedding to an outdoor wedding to help you decide. 

For most of the wedding decisions, you and your future spouse should have a healthy discussion. It will set the tone of your marriage, plus it will give you a perfect day that both of you will be happy about.