Rodeo Fashion for Every Girl

Little CowgirlWith every season, comes a new set of trending clothes, shoes, and accessories. Aside from the cool winter fashion and sexy tropical style, let us take a trip down the countryside. Get to know more about that western fashion taste to suit every girl’s changing mind. Say hello to Rodeo style.

Saddle Up

Rodeo fashion is of a western type that reflects the rustic countryside living. It is made famous today by country singers and celebrities like Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain when country music took the world by storm. It is easy to understand why every girl covets this style.

Are you thinking of saddling up and taking a swing at rodeo fashion? Here are the basics: Denim, a plaid shirt, leather boots and straw cowgirl hats you can buy from specialty shops such as A.A. Callister. Denim has been a huge part of western fashion. It is one of the basics to achieve the Cowgirl image.

All About Denim

When in an authentic rodeo, cowboys and cowgirls use denim pants to ride freely on horses, and this has become a staple in every closet. If you’re not much into denim pants, denim skirts and denim jackets are also a good way to start with the look.

For tops, button down shirts, specifically plaid long sleeved shirts, are a good start.

These Boots Are Made for Walking

After the top and bottom come another essential part of the outfit: leather boots. These boots whether long cut or a short boot cut adds a rustic vibe and can give you comfort with a fashionable look. To top it all off, add a straw cowgirl hat to finish the outfit.

With different styles and colors to choose from, these hats can serve as both an accessory to finish the outfit and to protect you from the sun.

With these basics, you can mix and match with whatever suits your personality and look that you want to achieve. Aside from the normal top and bottom, you can mix and match denim jackets with flowy dresses and some layered necklaces. Now you’re ready to take on and take part in a western type of look.