Factors to Consider When Finding a Custom Jeweller

Jeweller on his workshopNot all jewellery pieces are created equal. Is your company plans to make custom jewellery for its outstanding employees or as gifts to special partners? Don’t choose based on price alone. Consider these factors in your search for an expert jeweller who can accommodate your requests.

Reputation and Reviews

JewelCast Ltd, a top jewellery designer in Birmingham, knows that past works are an important part of a jeweller’s profile. Check their online reviews, customer feedback as well as word-of-mouth testimonials to find out if you’re talking to the right people. Along with their price and product list, check their after-service record and ensure their work ethics as well.

Customer Relations

How are good are they with their clients? Do they treat their walk-in and long-time customers the same way? While jewellery pieces are not an everyday purchase, loyal clientele has a higher chance of returning to their jeweller of choice because of their accommodating and caring nature. And with any business need, it’s best to have dependable suppliers that you can go back to for future services.

Experience and Knowledge

How experienced are they with the various jewellery-making processes? What designs are they good at? Are their sources for stones and precious metals reliable? Will they try out new methods to create the unique design you want? Look for a jewellery designer who not only has the experience to back up their prices, but who isn’t afraid to push the envelope on your requests. These are the ones who prove to be invaluable.

Alternative Offers

An expert jeweller knows when a client’s idea may not be the best. They may overshoot their time frame or budget and even the intended design can be downright impractical. Since you’re looking for experts, be open to their advice on matters of practicality and not just the possibilities. On their part, they must know how to present their suggestions courteously and with care.

You don’t have to say yes to the first offer you get. Remember, perfection is never cheap nor is it rushed.