Experience a Different Era in Tunbridge Wells

Group of friend having beer on a pubA lot of people prefer to go to Tunbridge Wells for a lot of reasons, including being with friends and family in pubs or public houses. It is also a great historical place for special occasions like weddings.

Nowadays, you can find several restaurants that serve high-quality food called “gastropubs” instead, however, the spirit of a cosy and welcoming ambience remains.

People decorate most pubs with refinements that remind you of a different period in time in various aspects. Here are some reasons you should visit pubs here in Tunbridge Wells.

They have the finest food in country pubs

They serve bar food in most pubs like sausages and mashed potatoes. Although today, the all-time favourite Sunday Roast, as well as fish and chips, is still available for you to enjoy. There are more than 40 different pubs and bars to choose from, with modern to traditionally designed selections.

If you are a fan of local beer, you can definitely enjoy real ale while having the finest food.

Conventional pubs are still around

These kinds of pubs are still around, in fact, there are still several that you can try. Traditional pubs were around about 200 years ago, but continue to maintain the kind of English lifestyle of friends drinking a pint of ale at a table. The environment remains as lively as ever before.

More than just food and beer

If you wanted more than the food and ale, then it is the best place for you. Several pubs are just across or near a lot of impressive and awesome scenery that you can absolutely witness. Not to mention the delicate historical designs of the pubs that you will surely do not want to miss.

Just a reminder for you, do not go on a Monday because they are closed.

There is still a lot of reason to enjoy the beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells and its pubs, but it is now up to you to discover and create beautiful memories.