Chic & Comfy Bride: The Heel Hacks to Survive Your Wedding Day

Bride and Groom WalkingIf you’re dying to walk on aisle-worthy heels on your big day, better not risk your chances with an uncomfortable pair. You won’t enjoy your reception at a wedding venue in Corpus Christi when you’re wearing the most painful shoes. You can always bring another pair just in case, but that would ruin your whole ensemble. To prevent avoidable shoe drama on the day you’ll say “I do,” below are some hacks to wear heels comfortably during your big day.

Do It Later

Buy wedding shoes later in the afternoon or evening because everybody’s feet swell up throughout the day. The best time to buy your shoes is when your feet are in their biggest state. It doesn’t matter how busy you are with your wedding plans. Don’t risk buying in the morning for you’ll surely feel tightness and lasting pain after a day of vows and dancing.

Wear it at Home

Wear your shoes around your home days or weeks before your wedding day. Doing a test drive of your stunning heels will guarantee that it stretches and you get used to it. You can wear them at home while you’re just lounging around or doing your chores.

Apply a Bit of Science

Widen the toe area of your shoes using ice. The science behind this is that the water that freezes expands. Make the most of this simple science and use it to stretch your shoes. Begin by filling a zip lock bag halfway with water. Zip it up after and make sure that it’s not leaking. Place the water bag in the toe area of your shoes and store your shoes in the freezer. If you want to stretch it out, add a bag or two inside the toe area. As soon as those bags are frozen, they will help expand the shoe.

As much as you can, you want to look like a radiant bride when the wedding bells ring. You don’t want to mess up your grand walk down the aisle, right? Follow these hacks and nothing can go wrong on your big day.