Types of Locks and Services to Get from Your Locksmith

flatlay of check-lock and different keys on a wooden table The majority of Aussies believe that all locksmiths provide similar services and they can handle all lock-related issues. It is this assumption that gets people to call the wrong type of locksmith for a particular job. In the case that you are not aware of the services provided by a modern locksmith, read on to get enlightened on the facts.

Locksmith types

There are three main types of locksmiths namely: for emergency, home/business, and automobile. Emergency locksmiths are convenient when you have locked yourself out of your house or office while home/business locksmiths are ideal for installation or changing of locks in your home or office at your convenient time. Thirdly, automobile locksmiths are helpful in the instance of locking yourself out of your car or jamming your car keys in the ignition.

Types of locks

The four main categories of locks that locksmiths are trained to work with are cylinder locks, lever locks, church locks and digital locks. You may find lever locks indoors while cylinder locks on entries leading outside. Church locks, on the other hand, can be found in sorts of things, from cemetery gates to kitchen drawers. Then there are digital locks, which is a fixture in banks and high-security.

Locksmith Services

A locksmith service in Sydney’s eastern suburbs should handle tasks such grinding a new pair of keys for you on site. Robinson’s Locksmiths has documented countless locals who lost the keys to their car have procured their services. If you ever encounter an experience like this, you can trust a professional to unlock your car without damage.

The information above should help you get a locksmith that will provide you with the best kind of service. For example, if you are looking to add a new lock in your home, you’ll have an idea on whom to ask for help.